Mike Key

Mike Key

Adventurer - Coder - Father

Rebooting the site

As a professional front end developer, having a broken & crappy personal website has been somewhat of a thorn in my side. That thing I'm always meaning to get around to working on, but never do. And it certainly doesn't help me career-wise.


I’ve decided to abandon WordPress for my personal site. I’ve been using WordPress both professionally and personally since 2007. With content managers however comes certain amount of overhead and code bloat that you are simply stuck with.

If less is more, then I’d like to do with less bloat and more of my own work please. I’d like build my own sandbox rather than play in someone else’s.

Building in public

To some greater extent I'm doing this work in public. I might be late to the game, but I've been a code cowboy for TOO LONG editing files live on the server via FTP. Revisions? Not here. Well, that stops now with my personal work. I've decided to start a repo on Github, and I'll be downing regular commits as this project develops.

I don’t get a huge amount of traffic. Those of you who made it here will get to see this process and I’ll share how things go.

Project goals

  • Roll ubuntu 14.04 server with LEMP
  • Get good with Git and working with Git Hub
  • Learn to use Haml
  • Learn to use Sass
  • Learn to use Grunt/Gulp
  • Yeoman - What is it?
  • Node.js - Coffee Script
  • Get back to writing daily
  • Ease of use & publishing my writings
  • Learn new things